Why is the Hydrating Essence so capricious?

Because it can solve 90% of skin problems

Rather than applying masks for 100 times, why not go for the hydrating essence for just once?


What is the principle of hydrating essence?

Hyaluronic acid works on the principle of using a large amount of medical grade-small hyaluronic acid molecule It penetrates into the skin with nutrient solution, repairing and training dry cells to stimulate collagen regeneration.

Main component: 100% medical grade-small hyaluronic molecule


SGW Hyaluronic Acid Need-To-Know

Hyaluronic acid hydrating essence’s main ingredient is a thin layer of uric acid and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that contains 200-300 times of water in a human body. This makes the skin more elastic and healthier, treating dry and loose skin. It is suitable for those with sensitive skin, pigmentation or dull skin, blemish scar, wrinkles, loose skin and other skin problems.


There are two types of application-type meso products in the market now

1. Oil-based meso products, oily when applied on the face, shiny on the surface when in fact, it is preventing the skin from absorbing water and nutrients.

2. Non oil-based meso products, watery form when applied on face, able to extract the water and nutrients from lotion and cream while being absorbed by the skin.

Hyaluronic acid hydrating essence by German Bayer is non-oily and feels watery when applied on face. It does not have the oily feeling and continues hydrating while absorbing water and nutrients from lotion and cream into the skin. The essence keeps providing water to the skin, promoting nutrient absorption. After a long-term use, not only does the skin surface looks bright, the subcutaneous tissue in basal layer could store a lot of water and nutrition. You will find your ligament tightened and your aging speed relatively slower.


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